Pyronix LED Flasher Unit

Able to be mounted to Pyronix Delta Bell Box Enclosures.

  • Flexible 45mm wand with ultra bright red LED
  • Units activated by fitting jumper link (supplied in fixing pack)
  • Conformal coated for protection
  • Supplied with C-Cell battery
  • Approved by Pyronix
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

The Pyronix flasher battery is able to be mounted in the spare enclosure in the top of the internal cover, with the flasher unit being fitted to the bottom front right hand corner of the cover with the wand close to the base of the unit.

Disabling the on-board LEDs will considerably increase the sounder battery life.

As the battery wires are attached to tabs which are welded to the battery, it is possible to unsolder the wires at the end of life and safely dispose of the cell.

Replacement batteries with tabs are available from BSP Ltd.

Bentley Security

Bentley Security