Shock Sensor

This direct replacement for the Europlex 3745-212 shock sensor employs the latest battery saving and depassivation firmware.

It is almost 50% lower profile than the original unit and has much improved battery life. Available in white and brown.


Frequency (MHz): 868.95

Transmission Sequence: 3, with anti-collision timing. All messages sent minimum of three times. Alarm messages sent six times.

Encoding: 24-bit ID, over 16 million possible combinations.

Total Message Length: 36 bits.

T: Reported when a tamper event occurs and in any subsequent message, until the tamper switch is restored.

Supervision Message: 18 minute interval or according to the local standards.

Compliance with UK Standards: This product is suitable for use in systems installed to conform to PD6662:2010 at Grade 2 and environmental class 2. DD243 and BS8243.

RFI Protection
>20V/m up to 1000MH
Operating Temperatures
0°C to 49°C
Storage Temperatures
-40°C to 85°C
Sensor footprint size (H x W x D)
95 x 34 x 19mm
Magnet footprint size (H x W x D)
37 x 14 x 11mm
Weight (with battery)
White or Brown
Bentley Security

Bentley Security