Older Solutions for Older Problems

We have a number of modular solutions which were designed to meet changing standards and regulations
within the security industry.

Many of these older modules have a use today – so we thought that it might be a good idea to give you a quick overview.

Delay Release ModuleAT – 065 DRM

The delayed release module was originally designed to allow an installer to “shunt” out a Passive Infrared detector on an exit route.
As soon as the unit is triggered the relay energises for a preset time – time period 0 – 55 seconds.

AT – 355 AC / DC

The AC to DC convertor has been designed to supply a regulated 12v DC supply.

The unit’s primary function is to work with door entry systems that only supply 12V AC to the magnetic lock. The unit is intended as a useful addition to supply 12v DC for uses such as key fob entry systems and door intercom systems.

Its small size makes it a very useful device not only for door entry systems but other applications where a small DC power supply with good regulation is required.

AT – 141 TRM

The transistorised relay module requires a permanent 12Volt DC supply.

It is triggered from a very low current source, such as communicator ports on alarm control panels. Its function has been “swept up” and is available in the Ultra Universal Relay AT – 182.

However, it is still an extremely useful product in its own right where small size and cost matter.

Supply Voltage
8 - 16V DC
Trigger Voltage
+ve or - ve 5 - 16V DC
Relay Contacts Rated at
1 Amp @ 24V DC 0.5 Amp @ 100V AC
Temperature Range
-25 to +50°C
60mm x 60mm
Bentley Security

Bentley Security