PWM Motor Speed Controller AT-005

The controller is designed to work with Torin-Safin fan type MIBR190038 EC3BA090 or similar.

Unlike some controllers, adjusting the maximum setting does not change or interfere with the minimum setting and vice-versa.

The maximum and minimum fan speed are programmable using the two push buttons in conjunction with the pot. By design it is not possible to set the maximum fan speed less than the minimum fan speed or set the maximum and minimum fan speeds closer than 5%.

An LED indicates the setting of the appropriate speed adjustment is enabled.

The limits can be cleared by pressing and holding both buttons until the LEDs extinguish.

The fan speed is adjustable using the potentiometer, which can also be used to mount the PCB to a front panel. The unit also has 4 x 3.5mm diameter fixing holes on 32x32mm centres.

Input voltage 8-12v
Nominal current consumption 1.6mA
Speed adjustment LED Indicates setting adjustment
Reverse protection Included
ESD protection Human body model to 4Kv
Operating temperature range -10deg C to +60deg C at a maximum of 90% non-condensing humidity
Size 36 x 36mm
Height from base of thread 24mm
Bentley Security

Bentley Security