Flashing LEDs

For dummy sounder housings

  • Double flash (unit with two LEDs) part number AT-361
  • Single flash (one LED) part number AT-360
  • Both units have a life expectancy of 5-6 years
  • The units have flexible wands with ultra bright red LEDs
  • Units activated by fitting jumper link. (supplied in fixing pack)
  • Conformal coated for protection
  • Supplied complete with battery

The flexible wands allow the installer to bend the wand into whatever shape required to position the leds, this removes the necessity to fix the led to the lens of the sounder housing.

The extended battery life is achieved by the use of ultra low leakage transistors, and a voltage tripling circuit generates the ultra bright flash.

The units are supplied in a sturdy protective box with fixing pack consisting of jumper link & double sided sticky pads to fasten the battery and flasher to the sounder housing.

At the end of battery life the unit may be returned to the manufacturer for refurbishment and safe disposal of the spent battery.

Bentley Security

Bentley Security