Ultra Universal Relay

This unit combines two of our most commonly used relay modules, The UNIVERSAL relay (operates 9.5 to 30V AC or DC) and the TRANSISTORISED relay (TRM).

The relay is driven by an input of 9.5V to 30V AC or DC. It can also be controlled from a very low current source such as communicator ports or logic outputs by using the transistorised trigger input connections.

The double pole relay is capable of switching over 1Kw of mains lighting.

The High current source (universal relay) accepts input voltages from 9.5V to 30V AC or DC. No cutting of links or setting the input voltage required; the unit does it for you automatically. It is supplied in a protective carton with 3 sticky feet.

The Transistorised input trigger can be either a positive or negative.

This unit effectively replaces the need to stock the following dedicated items:

  • 12V Relay
  • 24V Relay
  • Transistorised Relay
  • Universal Relay

Trigger Levels

HIGH: 2V to 16V DC
LOW: -0.8V to +0.8V DC

Output Levels
Relay switching voltage
5V to 240V AC
Relay switching current (AC or DC)
10mA to 5 Amps

Supplied in protective carton with 3 self adhesive fixers & full instructions.

Packing Weight
72 gram
51.9mm (L) x 47.8 (W) x 27 (H) mm
Operating Voltage
Input: 9.5V to 30V AC or DC.
Bentley Security

Bentley Security