Ultra Timer

Time period 1 second to 64 weeks – accurate DIL switch time settings – 4 modes of operation – wide operating voltage.


  • Working voltage 9.5 – 30V DC – auto selected by timer (no need to set input)
  • “Pulse” activation after time out – option on two of the modes
  • Selectable trigger and reset input polarity
  • 1 second to 64 week time period. Selectable by DIL switch – crystal controlled for accurate time
    • Double pole relay will switch mains – contacts rated at 8 Amps
    • Four modes of operation

Setting time period – seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks – could not be simpler – just look up the time required in the “time table” and set the DIL switch accordingly.

Operating Mode A – trigger applied – times out and activates the relay – if auto link is fitted relay drops out after 20 seconds and is then “waiting for next trigger”

Operating Mode B – trigger applied – relay activates for time period then drops out. It is then ready for the next trigger.

Operating Mode C
– once applied the trigger must remain for the duration of the time setting to activate the relay. An example of this would be monitoring a fire door. If the door is opened the timer starts (say it has been set for 3 minutes) if the door closes before the three minutes nothing happens, however if the door is open after the 3 minutes the relay will activate – if auto link is fitted relay drops out after 20 seconds and is then “waiting for next trigger”
Activation – trigger and reset input polarity is set by jumper links.

Input Levels for Trigger or Reset
LOW: Less than 220 ohms to ground OR an input of less than 0.8 volts
HIGH: Greater than 4700 ohms to ground OR an input of greater than 4 volts
Maximum input voltage 30V
Minimum input voltage -4V
Peak current available from either pin, 5mA

Output Levels
Double pole contacts
AC: Maximum switching voltage 250 volts, maximum current 8 Amps
(non inductive load)
DC: Maximum switching voltage 30 volts, maximum current 5 Amps
(non inductive load)
Minimum switching level 5V @ 10mA
Environmental Operating Conditions
Temperature range -10°C to +60°C
Maximum humidity 80% non condensing
Supply Voltage
Between 9.5 to 30V, automatically selected by the timer, no need to set jumpers or cut links.
Unit Supplied
In strong cardboard carton with 4 sticky fixers

Temperature range
10°C to +60°C
Packing Weight
80 grams
77.9 X 47mm
Bentley Security

Bentley Security