AC & DC Mains Filters

Fast spikes, induced noise and lightning strikes can cause false alarms and be difficult to diagnose. Lightning strikes especially can induce very large transient voltages into both mains supply and 12V auxiliary supplies.

Our range of mains and DC filters provide a simple solution.

Super Mains Filter

Interference is becoming an increasing problem. Variations and spikes, or fast bursts of interference superimposed on the mains can cause havoc. This two-stage filter will cure this in most cases.

Inline Mains Filter

Designed to protect DVRs and other sensitive equipment such as computers, the inline mains filter protects from spikes, variations and interference in mains voltage.

Boxed Mains Filter

Fitted inside the fused spur, this is an ideal solution for curing mains spikes when there is no room inside control panels to fit a filter.

12 Volt Spike Clamp
12V Spike Clamp

Designed to protect 12V alarm systems from spikes, bursts and interference from mains supplies and lighting cables. The Bentley Spike Clamp Filter safely conducts fast interference to the control panel earth, and simply connects to the 12V auxiliary supply.

Bentley Security

Bentley Security